Official Derby Stars White Paper, last updated August 2023

What is Derby Stars?

Derby Stars is a horse racing metaverse game where players can breed and grow horses, build and trade.
Players can train their horses through the in-game training system, and race against other players using the stats, talents and skills of horses.
To improve their horse’s performance during a race, players can feed them special treats, use items to bring out their hidden skills and train them to raise their level.
If their horse wins first place in a race, players can earn lots of rewards. Additionally, horses with numerous championship records serve as excellent stallions when breeding.


Derby Stars is oriented towards Play To Earn.
All players can earn Governance Tokens and Utility Tokens through various activities in the game. Players who don't own a horse can also monetize through in-game Scholarship Programs.
Examples of Play-to-Earn mechanics of Derby Stars include :
⊙ Monetization via participation in various Races.
⊙ Obtain a new foal NFT through breeding.
⊙ Obtain Common, Rare Horses through breeding and selling them on Marketplace.
⊙ Lend your horses to other players and earn a share of their profits from the horse's activities.

Derby Stars Fundamentals

  • Derby Stars held its first Presale on December 6, 2021, and in three presales, sold 10,027 horses in total before the game launch.
  • Horses sold during pre-sale are uniquely marked as ORIGIN, as they do not have parents, like the horses born through breeding.
  • Derby Stars utilizes a dual-token economic model and issues a Governance Token named $DSRUN and a Utility Token named $CRT on the Polygon blockchain.
  • Derby Stars is a full 3D game that is available on PC, and will support Android Mobile in the future.
  • Derby Team strongly values the mutualistic relationship with guilds as well as economic vitalization through the development of Scholarship Programs.

Derby Stars Vision

Derby Stars' goal is not just a simple AAA horse racing game, and there are plans to expand to the Metaverse through the use of Land NFTs in the future.
Building a complete ecosystem where all players to enjoy, interact, and benefit together within the universe is Derby Team’s top priority. The direction of development of Derby Stars will be shaped by input and feedback from the community and the Derby DAO.
Only the English versions of Derby Stars White Papers are considered official. Japanese and Chinese White Papers are unofficially written to offer assistance to players in Japan, China and Taiwan. Please consider them only as references, and use the English versions of the White Papers for accurate information.
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