PvP Competition

Competition through growth, with honor and rewards

  • In Derby Stars, players can raise and race their own horses against other players in Competitions.

  • Basics of PvP Competitions

    • Participation requires paying a set Entry Fee. Winners and contenders are eligible to earn points.

    • Points earned by the player lead to Token rewards.

    • Each Competition may feature different rules, number of participants and conditions on winning prizes.

      ex) Lv. 50 and above banned, Speed under 80 banned, Runaway Runner banned, etc.

    • The PvP Competition will be seasonal and based on victory points, with huge rewards for players who finish in a certain number of places, and the winner of the season finale match will be honored with a place in the Hall of Fame.

  • The PvP Menu is divided into two sections.

    • Registration - View a list of available competitions and sign up to participate.

    • Broadcast - You can watch all the competitions that have been held, including the ones you've entered.

  • Competition registration requires the following process.

① Review the list Competitions that will be held.

② Click the RACE INFO button in the bottom right corner to view the details of the race you want to enter.

③ Click the JOIN button at the bottom right of the list, then select the horse that will enter to complete the registration. After registration, the Competition will be held after a waiting time has passed.

  • Spectating a Competition requires the following steps.

    • In the Competition List, click on the Play button to spectate a Competition.

    • To spectate a Competition is waiting to be held, a certain amount of time must pass before it becomes available.

    • If there is a Competition you have entered, rewards will be sent into your Mailbox when the Competition opens.

  • You can collect and view Competitions that you have entered through the My Competition menu in Broadcast.

  • Some competitions award CRTs as rewards instead of points.

    • Currently, CRT competitions vary in cost and rewards based on the level of the competition.

      Competition TiersEntry FeesRank


      100 CRT



      500 CRT



      1000 CRT


    • If you win a CRT competition, your reward will be delivered to your mailbox immediately.

※ The above image is under development and may differ from the actual production.

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