Tracks / Stadiums
The main stage of the game where racehorses can stand out the most
Derby Stars' stadium is not just a straight track, it has all the elements of a real racetrack.
Various types of concepts are being prepared, from general-style stadiums that exist in the real world to aerial stadiums that can only be seen in the fantasy world, which will be released one by one. Stay tuned for more updates.
In addition to the various exteriors of Derby Stars' stadium, all players can enjoy the daytime game under the dazzling sunlight, or the glamorous nighttime game under the colorful lights.
In addition, environmental parts related to bad weather such as snow and rain are realistically reproduced in the game, and in addition to the traditional Turf track, even the Dirt track, which is heavily influenced by environmental parts, is implemented.
The Team is preparing to expand the concept of Derby Metaverse with the Land NFTs. All players in the game will be able to create and own any type of stadium they want. Through their own stadium, they will be able to host more types of Race Tournaments and earn profits.
Stay tuned for developments in the future.

  • Inside the stadium, players can check the ranking of the horses participating in the race in real time.
  • It is also possible to check which horse used which skill and when in real time.
  • If your horse is injured, you can see the debuffs. (training mode only)
  • An AI relays the progress of the Race in real time.
※ The above image is under development and may differ from the actual production.
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