Tracks / Stadiums

The main stage of the game where racehorses can stand out the most

Stadiums in Derby Stars are not just straight tracks. They have all the elements of real racetracks.

Various concepts are being prepared, from traditional stadiums that exist in the real world to fantasy aerial stadiums, which will be released one at a time. Stay tuned for more updates.

In addition to the various exteriors of Derby Stars' stadium, all players can enjoy the daytime game under the dazzling sunlight, or the glamorous nighttime game under the colorful lights.

In a single stadium, competitions of various distances can be held, and the distances displayed in the competition are as follows.

Short Distance less than 1,400 meters ⊙ Mile 1,401 meters — 1,800 meters ⊙ Medium Distance 1,801 meters — 2,400 meters ⊙ Long Distance more than 2,400 meters

The Team is preparing to expand the concept of Derby Metaverse with the Land NFTs. All players in the game will be able to create and own any type of stadium they want. They will be able to host more types of Race Competitions and earn profits in their own stadiums.

Stay tuned for future developments.

※ The above image is under development and may differ from the actual production.

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