Fee system for Derby NFT platform
When players of Derby Stars sell NFTs through the Marketplace or creates new NFTs through breeding, a small fee will be charged in the process.
In the case of the marketplace, we aim for a cheaper and reasonable amount than any other marketplace that deals with Derby Stars' NFT. Derby Stars' fee system is as follows.


  • Set a certain percentage of the NFT sales amount as a commission.
  • Fees are the same regardless of the type of NFT.
  • Fees are the same regardless of sales method such as buy-now or auction.
  • We promise the most reasonable fees compared to other marketplaces.
  • Marketplace fees will be announced at a later date.


  • Breeding Fee (RUN, CRT)
    • Most of RUN (Governance Token) is accumulated in the DAO pool and Rewards pool.
    • All CRT (Utility Token) will be burned.
  • Mating Application Fee (CRT)
    • A certain percentage of the mating application fee paid to the stallion's owner is set as a fee.
    • All CRT (Utility Token) will be burned.