Derby Team

Experts with a history of developing successful games together

The Derby Stars Project began in June 2021, led by Sean, the head of the project.

Sean has previous experience with developing a highly successful mobile horse racing game that launched globally. His goal was to use this experience to create a brand new game horse racing game that also incorporates the Blockchain Technology.

Sean formed the Derby Team centered around veteran members he has worked with for 10 years. During this process, Lead Game Designers, Art Directors, Lead Server Programmers were recruited, allowing the team to take the first step towards a larger vision.

Currently, the Derby Team’s headquarters is located in Seoul, Korea, where the development of the game will take place. There are already over 30 members hired from countries all over the world such as Korea, United States and India.

The majority of team members are experts who have experience in developing and launching multiple games in the gaming industry. The appointed leaders of each branch of development are veterans with at least 20 years of experience as well.

Derby Team

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