Derby Team
Veterans with a history of developing successful games together
The Derby Stars Project was started in June 2021 by Sean, the leader of the project.
Sean has experience in developing and successfully launching mobile horse racing games globally in the past. He wants to use his previous expertise and create a completely new horse racing game by incorporating blockchain technology.
Sean formed the Derby Team with veteran members who had been working together for a short period of a few years or as long as 7-11 years in line with a new trend and toward a vision bigger than the glory of the past, and in the process, a small team of 9 people was formed, including a Tech Director, an Art Director, and a Lead Server Programmer.
Currently, Derby Team is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and is under development. The number of members employed in various countries such as Korea, the United States, and India has already reached 30.
Most of the team members are experts with experience in launching multiple games within the gaming industry, and the leaders of each part are veterans with at least 20 years of experience.
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