Game Rewards

Monetization through gameplay

20% of $DSRUN tokens goes to players through gameplay with the final quantity of 100 million tokens.

As a Play-to-Earn Game, the goal of the Derby Team is to develop a world so that all players can earn meaningful rewards using their own skills and strategies.

The $DSRUN reward is given to high performers and land holders in competitions. There are many ways to do this. Typical examples are :

⊙ Ranking rewards based on leaderboard ⊙ Winning a PvP Competition ⊙ Winning a Season Race Tournament ⊙ Compensation according to the growth of land NFT

Derby Stars will continue to evolve in the direction of improving player engagement, activity and entertainment. Also, all content in the game will be updated sequentially according to the roadmap.

After public sale, Game Rewards unlock every week for 5 years.

The issued tokens will be distributed to players through PvP Competition and various game events.

These allocations are something that could potentially be decided by governance over time.

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