A Powerful weapon available in Race Competition

There are a total of over 500 Skills in Derby Stars.

The types of skills are divided into common skills and special skills. In the case of common skills, they are activated in all sections except the last spurt section. A special skill is a skill with a strong ability that can be used only in the last spurt for a last minute reversal.

All skills require separate conditions for use.

If a condition is met for using a skill during a race, the skill is automatically activated without the player's permission. The skill's effect is maintained for a set period of time after its activation.

It is impossible to use the same skill consecutively because there is a cooldown after the skill’s activation. Since every skill has its own activation probability, a skill does not always activate when activation conditions are met.

Also, every skill has a tier that is invisible to the player.

In the case of common skills, grades are divided from Tier 1 to Tier 10, and in the case of special skills, grades are divided from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

Skill's tier is also related to the horse's rarity. If the horse's rarity is high, the probability of having a relatively high tier skill increases, but this is determined by probability. Higher rarity of a horse does not always mean that higher tier of a skill is assigned, and vice versa.

If the skill's tier is high, the effect may be relatively outstanding, but for all skills, there are activation conditions and activation probability. Therefore, players with higher tier skills require more preparation and research.

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