The growth of horses through training programs

The Training Mode for Derby Stars will progress as follows :

  • The player participates in the program for an in-game time of 3 years, and follows the narrative of the game.

  • The first course of the program always starts with a tutorial, and this course can be skipped after the first playthrough.

  • At the end of the tutorial, you can choose a goal to focus on as you progress through this training.

⊙ A training goal consists of a base effect, an achievement condition, and an achievement effect.

⊙ The base effect is the buff that the player receives from selecting the goal until the end of the training.

⊙ The achievement condition is a condition value that must be achieved during the training.

⊙ Achievement effect means a bonus effect that can be obtained if the condition is met by the end of the training.

  • Players set training goals and select competitions to participate in.

  • After selecting a competition, you will have a training period to train your horse before the start of that competition.

⊙ Training duration is proportional to the rating of the upcoming competition.

⊙ The higher the rating of the target competition, the higher the difficulty and reward.

⊙ The length of the entire training scenario is always fixed at 3 years.

Begin training by selecting from the horse's five major stats.

⊙ Horse's condition deteriorates after each training. ⊙ Training may have unfavorable results depending on the condition. Appropriate rest is needed.

  • Throughout training programs, selecting a training that has an NPC icon displayed on top will start a Special NPC Event.

⊙ Depending on the event, additional stats may be gained or lost.

⊙ Other effects that are helpful or detrimental to training can be obtained.

⊙ Players are not able to know about the contents of the event beforehand.

  • If a horse is not feeling well, resting is recommended. However, it is possible to ignore it and proceed with the training.

  • However, if you push yourself too hard when you're out of shape, you may end up injuring yourself.

⊙ When a horse is injured, various Debuffs are applied depending on the type of injury. ⊙ All injuries naturally heal on its own over a certain period of time.

  • Players will get one of three results at the end of the training.

⊙ Great : Greatly increases the training effect. ⊙ Success : Occurs in most cases and has a moderate training effect. ⊙ Bad : Low-efficiency training effect occurs.

  • Selecting a training that has a mini-game icon will launch a simple mini-game. Completing the mini-game will greatly increase the effectiveness of the training.

⊙ One of several mini-games is randomly selected. ⊙ The types of available mini-games will continue to be added. ⊙ When training during certain seasons, mini-games may become mandatory.

  • The training process can be checked by clicking a calendar icon.

⊙ The complete schedule of training mode can be reviewed here. ⊙ Details of trainings conducted by the player can be seen here, by months.

  • The PvE Competition begins when all training during the set period has been completed.

    • Players must clear the Main Objective of the Competition to continue training for the next season. If they are not cleared, training will end and a low grade will be assigned.

    • If players finish a Side-objective, they can get additional bonus points.

  • Once Training Program is complete, rewards are given out alongside a final evaluation.

    • All objectives must be successfully cleared during the 3 years in virtual time.

    • Failure to achieve the goal in the Race will result in disqualification, and the training program will end.

⊙ The final grade of the training is determined by the sum of points earned during the training program. ⊙ The highest grade is S rank, and the lowest grade is F rank. ⊙ With higher ranks, players can receive more Utility Tokens, higher-quality Food, and experience-increasing items.

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