All players can grow their horses through the training program. Depending on the training results, players can get Utility Tokens and food to help you play the game
The training program for Derby Stars is as follows :
  • The player progresses through the program for a hypothetical period of about 3 years according to the flow of a set scenario.
  • The first course of the program always starts with a tutorial, and this course can be skipped after the first play.
  • Before training, players set goals for which competitions they will be participate in.
  • After the goal competition is set, the horse is given a training period for training.
⊙ The training period is determined in proportion to the size of the target competition.
⊙ The larger competition, the greater the difficulty and reward.
⊙ The length of the full training scenario is always fixed at 3 years.
  • Start training by selecting among the horse's five major stats.
⊙ Horse's condition deteriorates during training.
⊙ Training may not be recommended depending on the physical condition, so some rest may be needed.
⊙ The training that the horse likes and dislikes change every time.
⊙ The amount of condition used during unwanted training increases.
  • If the horse is not feeling well, it is recommended to rest rather than train. However, it is possible to ignore it and proceed with the training.
⊙ There is a chance that you can get injured or gain a bigger training effect with a fighting spirit.
⊙ When a horse is injured, various debuffs are obtained depending on the type of injury.
  • Players will get one of three results at the end of the training
Great : Greatly increases the training effect.
Success : Occurs in most cases and has a moderate training effect.
Bad : Low-efficiency training effect occurs.
  • When training for items with a mini-game icon, simple mini-games appear from time to time. Clearing them greatly increases the effectiveness of training.
⊙ One of several mini-games is randomly selected.
⊙ The types of mini-games provided will be added continuously.
⊙ In certain seasons of training, mini-games may be mandatory.
  • The PvE Tournament Race begins when all trainings during the set period have been completed.
Players must clear the Main Objective of the Tournament Race to continue training for the next season. If players do not finish it, the training will end and they will receive a low grade.
If players finish a Sub-objective, they can get additional bonus points.
  • Upon completion of the training program, there will be a reward along with a score judgement.
All objectives must be successfully cleared during the imaginary period of 3 years.
Failure to achieve the goal in the Tournament Race will result in disqualification, and the training program will be terminated.
⊙ The result grade of training is determined by the sum of points acquired in training program.
⊙ The highest grade is S rank, and the lowest grade is F rank.
⊙ The higher the result grade, the more Utility Tokens and better food players receive.
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