Creation of a new Horse NFT through mysterious genetic engineering
All horses in Derby Stars can give birth to multiple foals within a set number of matings.
The horse owned by the player does not have a specific gender. If you breed as a mare, you will get a foal, and if you breed as a stallion, you will earn a fee.
⊙ The number of matings is 10 times. This is same for all horses.
⊙ The number of mating counts only when mating is performed in the role of a horse that gives birth.

① Select a horse to give birth to among the horses you own.
② Search for the stallion you want to breed through the Marketplace search.
③ After checking the cost required for breeding, click the ‘Breed’ button.
⊙ There is a basic cost that must be paid when breeding, and it increases according to the cumulative number of breeding.
⊙ A set mating application fee is also paid to a stallion who wants to breed.
⊙ A horse that has given birth to a foal can give birth after 168 hours. (7 days)

  • When someone requests a breeding for their horse, the breeding takes place automatically.
  • The one who applied for mating will automatically become a mare, and the one who received the request for mating will become a stallion.
  • When a breeding application is received, a ‘mating application fee’ is paid to the owner of the horse.
  • The mating application fee can be received in the detailed view of the horse.
⊙ The higher the horse's rarity or ability, the higher the breeding fee.
⊙ As the number of requests for breeding increases, the cost of the breeding fee for the horse continues to increase.
⊙ The increased mating application fee will decrease slightly every 24 hours unless additional mating is made.

  • Prohibition of inbreeding to prevent genetic diseases
    • Crossbreeding between parents and children is not possible.
    • If either mother or father overlaps, crossbreeding is not possible.
  • Prohibiting for role of a mare horse
    • When the number of mating counts up to 10 times.
    • If 7 days have not elapsed since the birth of the foal.
    • If registered for sales on the Marketplace.
  • Others
    • In the foal state, it is impossible to crossbreed on any side.
    • The foal will automatically grow into a Horse after 72 hours.

  • Derby Stars' breeding system works based on complex and sophisticated algorithms.
  • There is a high probability that the foal will inherit the traits of the parent horse.
  • With a low probability, a foal with a mutant factor that deviates from the genetic formula is born.
⊙ The rarity of the foal is related to the rarity of the parent horse.
⊙ The appearance of the foal is related to the appearance of the parent horse. (Except Unique Horses)
⊙ The color of the foal is related to the color of the parent's horse. (Except Unique Horses)
⊙ The foal's stats are related to the basic stats of the parent's horse.
⊙ The skills possessed by the foal are related to the skills possessed by the parent horse.

  • When breeding occurs, ‘Soul’ is created by combining the factors of the two horses.
  • After 120 hours (5 days) have elapsed since the Soul was born, you can directly click the Claim button to hatch it into a foal.
⊙ If players don't click the Claim button, it stays in Soul state.
⊙ Click the Claim button to get a new foal NFT.
⊙ The foal is automatically grown after 72 hours (3 days) from the time of birth.

  • During breeding, players must pay the breeding fee and mating application fee.
  • Total cost of breeding = Breeding fee + Mating Application Fee.

  • Breeding fees are paid using $CRT and $RUN.
  • CRT cost increases in proportion to the number of breeding.
  • RUN Cost is determined by the sum of the rarities of two horses mating. ex) Common Horse + Unique Horse = 3 RUN

  • The mating application fee to be paid to the stallion is paid in $CRT.
  • CRT cost increases according to the following conditions.
    • The number of times a stallion has received a mating request.
    • Horse Rarity of a stallion.
    • Talent Grade of a stallion.
    • Stallion's Special Skill Tier.
    • Common Skill Tier of a Stallion.
  • If players breed horses they own, the breeding fee is required, but there is no separate mating application fee.
  • The formula for breeding is as follows :
⊙ When the number of matings of a stallion is 0
Mating application fee = breeding fee + additional fee (Horse Rarity Cost + Talent Grade Cost + Special Skill Tier Cost + Common Skill Tier Cost)
⊙ When the number of matings of a stallion is more than 1
Mating application fee = (breeding fee + (breeding fee * (number of breeding * weighted number of breeding) * number of breeding) + (additional fee + (additional fee * (number of breeding * weighted number of breeding) * number of breeding)
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