The horse's closest friend and the avatar representing the player

Before starting Derby Stars, the player must decide their own Jockey that will represent themselves. The Jockeys provided are free.

All players can choose from 4 Jockeys, and through Migration, they can receive a special fifth Jockey that are only provided to holders of the Early Migrator Badge.

The player-selected Jockey will learn and grow alongside your horses through the Derby Stars content. Like horses, Jockeys are also composed of 8 different Body Parts.

  • Composition of Jockey's Body Parts

    • Hair

    • Eyes

    • Mouth

    • Upper body + Gloves + Cape

    • Lower body

    • Shoes

    • Accessory 1

    • Accessory 2

Jockey’s Body Parts are under development so that they can be customized anytime the player wishes. In the future, Jockey Customization system and other related contents will be added to the game. Please look forward to it.

※ The above image is under development and may differ from the actual production.

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