Features to lower the barrier to entry

Derby Stars requires you to own a Horse (ERC-721) in order to play the various content offered by Derby Stars.

However, for users who do not own a Horse or are new to Derby Stars, we offer the Rental feature.

Users who already own a Horse can rent it for a period of time to experience the content of Derby Stars.

There are two ways to use the Rental feature.

By default, if you don't own any horses, you can rent a random horse that is currently in the Rental Pull when you first enter the game.

Currently, there is a maximum of one horse available for rent, but this is subject to change as we continue to develop.

Alternatively, you can check the Show Rentable Horses menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Marketplace menu on the homepage to see which horses are available for rent.

Once you've found a horse you like, you can rent it by clicking on the horse's image to go to its details menu and selecting the Rent Horse button.

Once a horse is rented, it cannot be canceled for at least 24 hours, and any Cores that the horse was equipped with will be removed if the rental is canceled.

Not only new users but also NFT Holders who own multiple horses can lease them through Rental, allowing many of the horses they hold to grow.

You can enroll a horse in Rental Pull via the RENTAL button in the horse's information area, which can be found in the stable.

You can sign up for Rental Pull by selecting the horse you own on the homepage.

When registering for a rental, the duration of the rental is fixed at 2 weeks and cannot be set separately.

It will be available for editing in a future update.

However, horses with the following conditions are not eligible for Rental Pull

  • Horses being fitted with a Core.

  • Horses in training.

  • Horses registered in PvP.

The rented horse can grow through the renter's play, and a certain amount of the goods obtained in the process will be paid to the NFT Holder.

The distribution ratio will be provided to allow users to edit through subsequent updates.

The proportion of the good distributed by the rental is


= 8 : 1 : 1

= Rental Player: Horse Owner: Event Pool


= 6 : 3 : 1

= Rental Player: Horse Owner: Event Pool

The duration of the rental can be automatically extended by toggling the Rental Auto-Renewal button on/off at the bottom of the horse's information area in the Stable.

If the rental is registered, it can be canceled at any time.

If a horse is Rented, it will not change back to Registered until the end of the two-week rental period, unless there is a specific reason.

However, you can cancel a rental immediately if the user who took the rental is deemed to have played dishonestly and meets the following conditions

  • The renter does not engage in training or PvP content with the horse for 48 hours.

The Rental feature delegates most of the content utilizing horses to the renter, but does not provide permission for high-value actions such as breeding, trading, etc.

The following actions are available to users who register for a rental and users who receive a rental.


Registered Users for Rentals

Breeding Selling and transferring Renaming a horse Limit Break


Using Items and Equipping Cores Leveling Up and Stats Limit Break Training / PvP Registration

During the rental registration period, any stat changes achieved through leveling up will be reset once the rental ends and returns to the horse owner, who can get values and edit them again.

At the end of the two-week rental period, the rented horse will return to the Rental Pull unless the user has the Rental Auto-Renewal button turned on.

Any training and PVP that was in progress at the time will be canceled.

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