Core System

A system for reinforcing rewards in training programs

Upon completion of training, you can earn Cores as one of the resulting rewards.

  • Cores, which can be obtained at the end of training, store some of the horse's stats that have grown over the course of training.

    • The higher the stats a horse has grown over the course of training, the greater the size of the stats that will be stored in the core.

  • Use the acquired cores to your horse to gain bonus effects.

  • The stats that are attached to a Core are determined by the horse's stats gained during training, the effectiveness of achievements and encouragement goals, and the Core title that is randomly awarded.

    • Stat (Speed, Power, Stamina, Grit, Intellect)

      • Base stats + Stats from all equipped Cores

      • Can be increased by 100 or more.

    • Talent

      • Base Talent + Talent from all equipped Cores

      • Gain up to S+ rank through Core effects.

    • Track Preference

      • Base Preference + Preference from all equipped Cores

      • Can be earned up to a Verylike rating.

    • Distance Capability

      • The Core's Distance Aptitude.

      • Same aptitude values do not stack, and you gain a stats bonus for participating in races that match your distance aptitude.

Distance AptitudeDistance


1000m ~ 1400m


1600m ~ 1800m


2000m ~ 2400m


More than 2600m

⊙ The following types of stats are stored in the core and can cause a horse's stats to fluctuate.

⊙ Five Stats(Speed, Stamina, Power, Grit, Intellect), Talent, TrackPreference, Distance Capability, Core Tile.

  • The number of slots in which cores can be mounted increases with level.

  • The maximum number of slots that can be equipped with cores varies depending on the class of the horse.

  • All horses can be equipped with a core, and unequipping a Core requires a payment of 100 CRT.

  • Stat increases from Cores apply to both Training and PvP Competitions.

  • The Core inventory provides a total of 100 spaces, and you will not be able to proceed with PVE (training) if your inventory is full.

    • You can remove unused Cores by using the DISMANTLE function.

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