Overall flow for the use of tokens and NFTs
Derby Stars is P2E-oriented game, and the acquisition of all in-game goods starts from horses.
Players can earn $RUN by participating in PvP Race Tournament using their Horses, or earn $CRT by participating in training programs.
The $RUN tokens earned by players are used for contents such as Breeding and Crafting, and all the $RUN tokens consumed in the game are accumulated into DAO and Rewards pool. $RUN tokens accumulated in the Rewards pool will be returned as a reward to Derby Stars players through various game systems and events.
The $CRT earned through training can be used on multiple systems in the game, and as it is a utility token, it is burned immediately when used. Players will also be able to use these $RUN and $CRT to acquire new horses and items through Breeding or Crafting.
Finally, Derby Stars has a Horse Release system that allows you to burn the horse (NFT Burn) and get other goods instead. If players burn their horses, they can obtain high-quality goods that can be used in PvP Race and Training, along with a chance to acquire unique or high-rare horses. The Derby Team aims to control inflation and to maintain the value of horses through such mechanics.
The Horse Release System and Crating system are currently under development. Stay tuned for more updates.