A special mass of energy that has been inherited from the parent's factors

When players breed two horses, they can receive a Soul NFT immediately, which is an NFT right before a foal NFT.

Soul NFT can be hatched as a foal through a separate claim process after 120 hours (5 days) have elapsed.

The appearance of Soul is divided into about a dozen types. The appearance of Soul is determined by the total number of Rare Body Parts each parent has.

It is impossible to know which type foal will be born within the Soul, but you can guess by looking at the Soul's appearance. The higher the sum of rare body parts from both parents, the higher the chance a high rarity foal will be born.

Soul NFTs aren't yet movable creatures, so even if you own them, you won't be able to participate in Derby Stars' training programs or Race Competition.

Since Soul is treated as an NFT, it can be traded on the Marketplace.

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