Your very own Non-Fungible Token that can be acquired in Derby Stars

There are several types of NFTs in Derby Stars, and all players in the game will use these NFTs to enjoy the game.

NFTs can be purchased directly from Derby Stars' Marketplace, and it is also possible to create your own NFTs within the game.

The types of NFTs currently used in the game are as follows, and additional NFTs such as Land that have not yet been disclosed will be revealed soon.

  • Horse (ERC-721)

    • One of the most important NFTs in Derby Stars that players can train to participate in the Race Competition.

    • Theoretically speaking, there can be more than 10 billion unique Horses, and the probability of having a same horse in all appearances, stats, skills, and talents in the game is extremely slim.

  • Soul (ERC-721)

    • A special energy mass produced after horses are mated.

    • The stage before the foal is born.

  • Foal (ERC-721)

    • A foal will be born after 120 hours in Soul state.

    • The foal will grow into an adult horse after another 72 hours.

    • All in-game play is possible, except for breeding, even in foal status.

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