Consumable Item

Various effects that assist the player and horses

Consumable Items are single-use items with a variety of different effects, that can be obtained during gameplay.

For horses to level up, they need Consumable Items that provide Experience Points, and for them replenish their energy, they need Consumable items that provide energy.

There are also plans to add items that reduce a horse’s fatigue or reset Stat Points to the game. Items will continue to be updated moving forward.

Consumable Items have ranks associated with them. Even two of the same items will have different effects on training depending on their ranks. Consumable Items have 6 total ranks. (S > A > B > C > D > E)

Not every Consumable Items will have all 6 ranks associated with them. There are cases where certain items only have S ranks.

Currently, Consumable Items can only be obtained through training, but there are plans to provide Consumable Items through other contents such as in-game events, PvP Competitions and Crafting.

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