Common Skills

A special force that drives the race to its advantage

The effect of the Common Skill directly affects the Horse's 5 Stats and related abilities, such as Acceleration, Sight, HP Cost, and Debuff Evade Rate, and is divided into 5 types depending on the type or effect of the activation condition.

⊙ Self Condition Buff A skill that is activated only by current situation without the intervention of other horses. ex) Speed and Acceleration increase very greatly when overtaking after running more than 1000 meter.

⊙ Competitor Condition Buff A skill that is activated when the actions or situations of other horses affect me. ex) Speed increases slightly when overtaken by other horse in the straight.

⊙ Arena Condition Buff Skills that are triggered by stadium-related content or weather. ex) Power increases slightly on a Dirt Track. Grit increases when running close to the fence on a rainy day.

⊙ HP Recovery All skills related to HP recovery. ex) HP cost decreases slightly on the corner during the early phase of the race.

⊙ Debuff Any skill that lowers the stat or worsens the situation of a horse. ex) Decreases Acceleration of nearby horses when overtaken by other horse while in the middle group.

Skill Icon is divided into each unique color according to the five types of skills, and a horse will have all 5 Common Skills the same regardless of the skill type.

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