A mysterious food that can unlock horse's hidden potential
Food is a disposable item that can be obtained through gameplay. There are about 50 types of food in the game and two main ways to use it.
  • Using the food to unlock the horse's potential
    • Each food has its own special effect, and it is used when players want to enjoy the game more easily.
  • Using as a simple food
    • All horses in Derby Stars have a level, and players must feed them to raise the level. (Food = EXP)
    • When the horse's level rises, 1 additional stat point is obtained, and the stat point can be distributed to any stat among the 5 major stats.
Feeding is divided into three types :
⊙ Race food (fruit type) This food can be eaten before participating in a PvE Race Tournament. It can be used in the Race. ex) The duration of skills related to speed increase is increased by 25%.
⊙ Training food (grain type) This Food can be eaten before participating in a training program. Players will be able to receive various benefits during training. ex) During training, the chance of event dialogue occurring increases by 14%.
⊙ Other food (other) This food has a variety of functions not related to racing or training. ex) If this food is used as food, all stats of the horse will be reset, and additional stats will be redistributed.
There are different grades of food, and even if the food has the same name, the intensity of the effect varies depending on the grade. Food grades can be divided into a total of 6 levels. (S+ > S > A > B > C > D)
Not all foods have the same level of 6, and there are cases where certain foods have only one grade of S+.
Currently, the only way to obtain food is to participate in a training program. In the future, however, food will be provided through various in-game events and systems such as Crafting.
More contents will be added along with the development of new contents in the game.
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