Mystical Food that brings out a Horses’ hidden potentials during training

Food is used during training and only available during training sessions. It is used to ease the training process by utilizing various effects.

There are two types of food.

⊙ Race food (fruit type) This type of food can be eaten before participating in a PvE Race Competition. It can be used in the Race as well. ex) The duration of skills related to speed increase is increased by 25%.

⊙ Training food (grain type) Food that can be fed before participating in training mode. There are various benefits to training after feeding this type of food. ex) There is a 7% increased chance of mini-games appearing during training.

Like Consumable Items, Food also has 6 different ranks associated with it(S > A > B > C > D > E), and certain types of Food only has S Rank.

Food can be obtained by properly completing training mode, and there are plans to provide them through various events, PvP Competitions and Crafting.

The types of food that appear in the game are very diverse, and they will continue to be updated moving forward.

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