The most perfect living being obtained as the fruit of the love between two horses

Souls can be hatched into Foal after 120 hours of spawning.

Foal is still a young horse, but it can participate in all contents of Derby Stars except for breeding.

After 72 hours have passed since the Foal is born, it will automatically change its appearance to a fully grown horse, and from this point forward, it will be possible to breed. All of foal's appearance and basic abilities will be inherited from both parents, but there is a low chance that a mutant will be born that exceeds the abilities of either parent.

Unlike a grown-up horse, foal's young looks are not as colorful and diverse.

A foal's grown up look is difficult to see fully with the player's eyes until after 72 hours, and over time it naturally transforms into a beautiful horse. This is similar to how young dogs and cats change their coat color, pattern, and appearance to some extent as they grow up.

New born foal can identify their parents in the detailed information section, trace their parents of their parents, and further identify their ancestors.

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