Present a new milestone for blockchain horse racing games

Basics of Gameplay

All players can train and race their horses in Derby Stars, and acquire new horses by breeding them.

Derby Stars' training program is completely different from any other blockchain horse racing games. In 3 in-game virtual years, Players will get to experience every race from Local to World Class.

Players can earn Native Tokens ($CRT) and Food through training. Food can be fed to horses to bring out their special abilities both in training and PvE races.

Also, items that increase Experience points obtained through training can be used to raise the level of horses. Horses that level up earn 1 Stat point, which can be distributed to any of their 5 Stats to improve their abilities.

Derby Stars features a Breeding System, where the parental characteristics of horses are passed on to their offspring through complex and sophisticated calculations.

All horses, with the exception of Unique Horses, can be obtained through breeding . Players are free to breed their horses as much as they want within a certain number of Breeding counts.

Breeding horses with great innate Skills or Win Records will produce superior foals, and even if this is not the case, it is possible to have superior foals through mutation factors.

Fatigue Management

All horses in Derby Stars have Fatigue levels that increases in small increments every time they participate in training or PvP Competitions.

Horses with high levels of Fatigue may not be able to participate in PvP Competitions and training. Players should take good care of their horse’s Fatigue.

The fatigue of the horse that has increased through various activities, will gradually recover over time. It is also possible to recover immediately by feeding certain foods.

In-game Currency

Players will use two types of native tokens in Derby Stars. Each token is explained in detail below :


  • Governance Token of Derby Stars.

  • Obtainable through PvP Competition.

  • Used in Breeding and Crafting.

⊙ $CRT

  • Utility Token of Derby Stars.

  • Obtainable through PvP or PvE Competition.

  • Used in Breeding, Crafting.

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