Derby Stars marks a new milestone in blockchain horse racing games, providing players with the best possible experience

Basics of Gameplay

All players can train and race their horses inside Derby Stars, and acquire new horses by breeding them.
Derby Stars' training program is completely different from other blockchain horse racing games, and you can experience all competitions from Local Class to World Class within a set scenario for a virtual time of about 3 years.
Players can get Native Tokens and Food through the results of training, and Food can be fed back when they want to bring out the special abilities of the horses in training and PvE racing.
Food can be used to increase experience point that leads to leveling up a horse, and when the level rises, players receive 1 Stat point and invest in any of the horse's 5 major stats to improve the horse's abilities.
Derby Stars also supports a reproductive system in which parental factors are passed on to offspring through sophisticated calculations.
Except for Unique Horses, all horses can be obtained through breeding, and everyone is free to give birth to foals within a set number of breeds.
Breeding horses with good innate abilities or winning history produces superior foals, and even if this is not the case, it is possible to have superior foals through mutation factors.
In addition, Derby Team is currently building Scholarship Programs for players who want to play for free. PvP Tournament of various classes will be released soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

Fatigue Mangement

All horses in Derby Stars have fatigue built inside it, and this condition level will gradually increase when the horse participates in a training program or a race tournament.
All players should manage each horse's fatigue as horses that are not in a good condition may not be able to participate in race tournament or training programs.
The fatigue of the horse, which has been increased through various activities, will gradually recover over time, and it is also possible to recover immediately by feeding certain foods.

Currency used in-game

Players will play using two types of native tokens in Derby Stars, and players can acquire and use each token is as following :
  • Governance Token of Derby Stars.
  • Obtainable through PvP Race Tournament.
  • Used in Breeding and Crafting.
  • Utility Token of Derby Stars.
  • Obtainable through PvP or PvE Race Tournament.
  • Used in Breeding, Crafting and Food Synthesis.
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