PvE Competition

Understanding and Experience with Race System

  • When playing through the training mode, Race Competitions are held with NPC’s based on the player’s set schedule.

  • Check the race course information before the Competition begins.

    • Shows the overall look and length of the Race Track, the grade of the Race, and whether the track floor is Dirt or Turf.

    • Players can also check the game time, weather, and the direction of rotation of the track.

      • The weather information is indicated as a probability at the time of race selection and the confirmed weather is indicated before the start of the race.

    • You can visually compare the current stats of my horse and the stats of the rival horse participating in the race through a diagram.


    Top 5%





  • Get basic information about the horses participating in the Race.

    • You can also check detailed information about horses.

      • Shows track type preferences, abilities by Running style, available skills etc.

  • After checking the racecourse and information on the other participating horses, players can choose the Running style of their horses.

    • Players can also feed them food, which give them special bonuses to gain an advantage in the Race.

  • After all the selections are made, the Race starts.

  • Information provided during the race

    • Inside the racecourse, players can check the ranking of the other horses participating in the race in real-time.

    • It is also possible to check which horse used which skill and when in real-time.

    • If your horse is injured, you can see the Debuffs. (training mode only)

    • A.I. relays the progress of the Race in real-time.

  • Players can check their ranking after the race ends.

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