Elements that can be earned through training and equipped on your own horses to enhance your horse.

Cores can be earned through training results and can have varying numbers of stats, depending on the play of the acquisition process.

All numbers stored in a core can have a +/- value and are added to the base stats of the horse equipped with the core.

Acquired Cores are stored in the Core Inventory, where you see the details and possibly destroy them.

The amount of space available in the Core Inventory is limited, and you cannot store more than the maximum value.

Cores created will have an icon based on the size of the combined value of the five stats, with the highest stat having the highest color.

If any of the values stored in the core are Talent, TrackPreference, or CoreTile items, the icon will indicate this so that you can recognize them.

⊙ Icon color based on highest stat

Speed : Blue

Power : Red

Stamina : Green

Grit : Yellow

Intellect : Purple

⊙ Talent Changes

RR, FR, ST, SR imprinted in the center of the icon

⊙ TrackPreference changes

Turf: Grass decoration

Dirt: Dirt decoration

⊙ CoreTitle changes

Positive: Bright effect

Negative: dark tone effect

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