PvE Tournament Race
By competing with NPCs, players can understand the Race System and gain practical experience and knowledge about horse racing
  • Check the race course information before tournament starts.
    • Shows the overall look and length of the Race Track, the grade of the Tournament, and whether the track floor is Dirt or Turf.
    • Players can also check the game time, weather, and the direction of rotation of the track.
  • Get basic information about racehorses participating in the Race Tournament.
    • You can also check the detailed information of the racehorse.
      • Shows preference by track floor, ability by driving style, skills possessed, etc.
  • After checking the race course and the information of the participating racehorses, players decide the driving style of their horses. Players can also feed them with foods that give them special bonuses to gain an advantage in the Race.
  • After all selections are made, the Race starts.
  • Players can check their ranking after the race ends.
※ The above image is under development and may differ from the actual production.
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